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From the EPIC typewriter:

Welcome to our site.

EPIC is a publicly traded company currently trading under the ticker symbol EPOR on the OTC Markets. When EPIC was started over twenty years ago, its objective was to create shareholder wealth through financial based companies. Over the years, EPIC has attempted to engage in several non-financial based market spaces. As you may know if you have followed EPIC or if you have invested in EPIC, a couple of those spaces were in healthcare and medical devices.

During more recent times, EPIC had positioned itself as “the dividend company.” The concept was to create capital through capital growth, and to provide our shareholders with high ROIs and yields. Throughout those efforts, many of our shareholders stayed loyal and remained invested in EPIC. And for that, we are truly appreciative.

With EPIC’s past as its compass to the future, we are motivated and excited to announce that EPIC will be returning to its original intent – pursuing and being a financial business company by developing and connecting digital assets to our acquired financial companies. If our new, and yet old business direction is something that you are interested in, please sign-up to receive future updates and notifications.

If you have questions, kindly submit them for responses to GroundFloor@epiccor.com or our Facebook page.

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