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EPIC News.

EPIC is a financial holding company that develops and connects digital assets to the financial market place. EPIC and its subsidiaries are developing EPICcoin, a digital currency to be used in commercial and financial transactions.

EPIC is a different kind of crypto company.

EPIC is different because it and its subsidiaries, past and newly formed, have developed a methodology that creates a usable digital currency (“EPICcoin”) enabling consumers to purchase basic products and services from standard retail and wholesale companies, including EPIC’s present and future subsidiary financial service companies.

Cryptocurrencies, for the most part, are a reckless speculative investment under the pretext of being a digital currency.

EPICcoin, to avoid being a speculative investment, represents a commodity that is actually bought and sold. The commodity, in three different forms, is bought and sold based on a quoted price for each of the three different forms. The commodity does have an element of speculation because it has a quoted price. This means the commodity could increase in value which would give EPICcoins greater purchasing power. It does mean that the commodity could decrease in value which would reduce the purchasing power of EPICcoins.

The purchaser cannot redeem the EPICcoins for the commodity, but the purchaser can: (1) transfer any or all of the EPICcoins to another member of EPICcoins.Net, (2) use the EPICcoins to purchase goods or services from Affiliated Members of EPICcoins.Net, (3) deposits the EPICcoins in a future EPIC Brokerage Account, a to be member of EPICcoins.Net, and (4) Sell the EPICcoins to EPICex, an EPIC exchange that buys and sells EPICcoins at quoted prices for the physical commodity and is a member of EPICcoins.Net.

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