EPIC was founded in October 1997, in the State of Colorado, and in September 1999 we became a full reporting company under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and started trading on the Bulletin Board.  In December 2001 we voluntarily withdrew our registration under the Exchange Act, and have since traded on the OTC Markets.


The EPIC Process includes value added turn-key solutions that provide cross-over services of different disciplines that adds value to the QPC’s business by reorganizing its financial statements, its corporate organization, its company organization, its capital structure, and its development of short and long term financial strategic and tactical plans.

The EPIC difference is its assumption of responsibility for effecting and managing the tactical financial plans as the QPC’s Financial Advisor.

EPIC’s value added services include the following cross-over disciplines:

    1. Business Consulting

    2. Accounting Consulting

    3. Cost Accounting Consulting

    4. Workout Consulting

    5. Consulting re Securities

    6. M & A Consulting

    7. Market Support re Securities

    8. Product Market Studies and analysis

    9. Financial management services

    10. PR and IR serviceS



About EPIC


email: info@eporco.com

phone: (949) 232-7694

  fax:  (949) 548-7005


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EPIC Corporation

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