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EPIC’s “idea.”

EPIC has an “idea” and we are creating a digital currency ("EPICcoin") that can be used in commercial and financial transactions. There are some financial service providers or broker-dealers offering their services at no cost. However, they are not providing the levels of convenience and integration that our future broker-dealer will provide at no cost. Our business is about YOU, our shareholder, future investor, and potential customer.

Our mission is to develop EPICcoin, our true digital currency, to be used in commercial and financial transactions through our subsidiaries and acquisitions.

Principal Objective. Our principal objective is to develop EPICcoin to be used in commercial and financial transactions and to be bought and sold in our EPICcoin exchange. Please register so you can follow our progress! We want you to participate in our growth!

The “idea” continued…

We believe EPICcoin will alleviate some barriers other cryptocurrencies are subject to by connecting EPICcoin to the financial marketplaces with a powerful state of the art software platform and mobile app. This will allow a simpler and more convenient management of EPICcoins to be used in stock portfolios. Our EPICcoin will have a variable but stable price. It will be pegged to the price of a daily quoted commodity and EPICcoin's will fluctuate according to the price of the commodity.

To better serve our shareholders, our future investors, and our potential customers we want to hear from you so we can address your concerns and interests. We have all heard about the concerns and criticisms surrounding cryptocurrencies. They range from lack of security, uselessness as a form of currency, absence of real liquidity, high trading fees, lack of confidence, non-integration with monetary & brokerage services, and insufficient reserves & convertibility. These are all issues EPIC is addressing in the development of EPICcoin and EPICex the EPICcoin exchange.

Our secondary objective is to develop or acquire financial enterprises that allow the deposit of and use of EPICcoins in acquiring other financial assets.

Epic is worth your consideration.

Are you active in the stock markets?

Do you own cryptocurrencies?

How are you using your cryptocurrencies?

Do you merely purchased and maintained cryptocurrencies in a wallet anticipating a spike in value?

Are there practical real world uses for your cryptocurrencies?

EPIC's believes it can change the current paradigm of cryptocurrencies.

To be able to use cryptocurrencies in financial and commercial transactions, a cryptocurrency must have and maintain a relatively stable price. We believe this is a main obstacle to most cryptocurrencies. They have varied and extreme fluctuations in price. The fluctuation in price creates a lack of confidence, acceptance, and utilization in mainstream commercial and retail markets. A useful digital currency must have a price stability and possess an inherent potential for value appreciation.

There are cryptos that are typically “backed” by the US Dollar. Is there really any value or worth with dollar back cryptos? EPICcoin is not backed by the propose commodity but it represents an actual ownership of the commodity.

That is why we are going to peg EPICcoin to a known commodity. Please note that creating a digital-currency pegged to a commodity takes time and is costly in developing access and delivery of the digital-currency including the development of investor and public acceptance.

We believe that EPICcoins used in a common financial transaction will be transparent and seamless. There will be cost and time savings and convenience of conversion facilitating timely reactions to market movements.

Other benefits to consider:

Can you deposit your cryptocurrency into a brokerage account?
We believe that you will be able to deposit EPICcoins, our digital currency, into a brokerage account.

One. In a future EPIC brokerage account, an account holder will have the ability to hypothecate or pledge EPICcoins.

Two. The future EPIC brokerage can offer margin accounts using EPICcoins to provide additional buying power to purchase stock.

Continuing the EPIC story.

EPIC is a unique company with a unique history. EPIC was founded in October 1997, in the State of Colorado. In September of 1999, EPIC became a full-reporting company under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and started trading on The Bulletin Board. In December of 2001, EPIC voluntarily withdrew its registration under the Exchange Act. Since that time, EPIC has been trading on The OTC Markets.

About EPIC

EPIC Corporation

State of Incorporation: COLORADO

Year of Incorporation: 1997

Market Traded: OTC

Symbol: EPOR

Authorized Stock: 150,000,000 SHARES

Stock Outstanding: 20,562,130 SHARES

Stock in Float: 3,809,876 SHARES

Shareholders: 656

Shareholders in Street Name: 500+